TEO Office Lighting



In the context of demographic change employers are increasingly forced to present themselves as attractive as possible for generation y & z employees. The representation of values and an appealing work environment have an important role. With TEO it is possible to combine office lighting with sustainable values and to manage flexibility needs in an everchanging office layout. The product family is based on one rotationally symmetrical extrusion body, that can be found in each luminaire. Due to universal usability, the production effort is reduced and the possibilities of the product range are increased. Use of natural materials and natural fiber composites such as WPC lower the general impact on nature and make it a forward-looking project for XAL. The central aspect of this concept is defining space with light and form. The design of the luminaires provides versatile possibilities of personalization for the user to meet their individual needs. XALN TEO is a product line that provides sustainability, functionality and modularity.

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