Skydio R1 Drone


Skydio R1 flies itself to capture amazing footage of your adventures
Direct R1 from your iPhone or Apple Watch
Easily follow subjects, just tap the person or car you want to track
Create amazing videos with one tap with an ever-growing library of cinematic Skills
Capture breathtaking, motion-controlled footage with the Cable Cam cinematic Skill—no need for complex gear
Download beautiful, ready-to-share clips to your iPhone camera roll from the Skydio app
Built from lightweight anodized aluminum and carbon fiber
Designed and manufactured in California, USA


Skydio R1 drone is an impressively advanced autonomous device, yet it’s the easiest and most entertaining camera you’ll ever use. Running, biking, playtime in the park—whatever your activity you can trust R1 to capture all the action in dynamic 4K video that you can share directly from your iPhone.

Full autonomy

The Skydio Autonomy Engine sees the world through R1’s 13 cameras, giving it the ability to map and understand its environment, autonomously capturing Hollywood-style footage. R1 positions itself for every shot by understanding where people are in the scene and anticipating where they will be, up to four seconds into the future. Powered by NVIDIA Jetson, a powerful AI supercomputer, R1 is able to make intelligent decisions while navigating complex environments.

No pilot or controller required

Launching R1 is as easy as swiping up in the Skydio app, or tapping your Apple Watch. Simply choose a subject to track in the app on your iPhone or Apple Watch and R1 will do the rest, getting amazing shots while flying around any obstacle.

Go hands-free—direct R1 from your Apple Watch

R1’s full autonomy allows you to quickly direct your shots from your iPhone or Apple Watch. Easily choose who to follow or select a different Skill with just a tap to your wrist.

Focus on your activity

R1 uses computer vision to understand who to follow, avoid obstacles, and predict what will happen next, getting the footage you want while letting you focus on your adventure.

Cinematic skills

Create amazing videos with a single tap. Try out cinematic Skills like Lead, Orbit, Dronie, or Boomerang. Skydio’s library of cinematic Skills is continually growing, opening up new opportunities for spontaneous creation.

Capture in stunning 4K

R1 captures your adventure in beautiful UHD at 4K 30fps. If you want to slow down the action with smooth slow-mo, R1 also captures in 1080p 60fps.

Share on the fly

After you land, create HD video clips of your flight with the Skydio app, perfect for instantly sharing your story. Download the full-res UHD 4K files to your Mac via USB for further editing in iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or other apps.

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