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Everyone's favorite, the traditional Erongo vellie in suede, handmade for almost a century from kudu leather in the heart of Namibia, Swakopmund.

All Schier shoes are handmade in Swakopmund, where the gentleman craft just 20 pairs each day. Each shoe contains the following components: suede upper, leather footbed, re-soleable rubber sole, brass rivets and a reinforced leather heel counter.

Schier Shoes

Schier Shoes are handmade in Swakopmund, Namibia. There, eight gentleman make 20 pairs each day. Individually crafted from wild kudu leather, each shoe is one of a kind and made to last. The Erongo consists of two cuts of skin: the Hakkie, and the front which are sewn together. No nails are used in the process. A simple sole is added in the end. The shoes are then finished by hand, using a knife to perfect the outer texture of the leather.

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